7 Considerations When Choosing Between Blinds and Shutters

7 Considerations When Choosing Between Blinds and Shutters

Think shutter blinds are for you? Not sure if shutters are better than blinds or vice versa? You’re not the only one to have second thoughts when it comes to window coverings. Going from one type to another is a daunting task because it’s a big investment and one you want to get right. Fortunately, there are a few things to consider that might help you choose between blinds and shutters.

Think of Your Pets

This might sound like a very strange consideration but it’s an important factor, nonetheless. For example, dogs might jump up and bark at passers-by. If that’s the case, you may need to opt for a tier-on-tier design. It allows light to flow into the room from the top tier while keeping the bottom part closed. It’s the same if you have a cat. You may not want shutter blinds with a cord as they are likely to play with it.

While your pets shouldn’t determine what you choose, it’s worth considering.

The Shape of the Window

Again, this might sound a bit strange but you must consider the shape of your windows. For instance, an arched window would benefit from shutters rather than standard blinds. Shutter blinds could also be an option. While the shape of the window might not seem initially important, it is. You want a covering that compliments the window.

The Angle of the Sun

It’s important to choose a window cover that is suitable for each room. For example, you have a south-facing living room or office. These would get most of the light throughout the day which would cause glare. So, you might prefer shutter blinds rather than regular curtains. On the other hand, if your home didn’t get a lot of light during the day, you would want blinds that allowed for maximum light exposure. Click here to read more about What Kind of Blinds Are in Style for Spring 2023.

It Fits into Your Home’s Style

Some blinds are great to look at but aren’t practical for your home. For example, Roman blinds are fantastic (and incredibly cost-effective), but don’t work in every room. If you kept the window open all day, the blinds could quite easily get tangled. While this doesn’t seem important, it can be something to consider when choosing between shutters and blinds. You want shutter blinds that are practical and fit into the home’s natural flow.

Shutter Blinds Work Well for Bedrooms

Some window coverings do not offer ample protection against light which can be problematic for a bedroom. You could be easily disturbed by early morning light, which is especially troublesome for night shift workers. So, you need to choose shutter blinds that offer ample protection. For instance, solid wood shutters would help keep maximum light out of the room while you sleep.

What You Like

It’s easy to say shutter blinds are best, but if you have a particular like then that’s worth considering too. For instance, you like classic plantation shutters but aren’t sure they’d work for your home. Instead of choosing a blind you didn’t like, go with your gut or at least consider it a little more. It’ll prevent you from making a costly mistake.

Noise Reduction

Depending on where you live, you might want to get maximum privacy while reducing street noise. That’s a challenge for any household because you need a balance between style, privacy, and peace. Fortunately, solid shutters can be an excellent choice as they ease some outside noises. This is the best way to get peace and reduce some external factors. Shutter blinds can be a worthy investment if the right ones are found. Visit https://www.kitchenremodelsydney.com.au/ to read about Kitchen Renovations Sydney.

The Best for You

Blinds and shutters play a crucial role in the running of a household because the right ones can make a difference. Unfortunately, most people rush and choose the wrong window coverings. It’s not only a costly mistake, but one that’ll impact the home for years to come. So, it’s important to consider things such as noise reduction, your likes, the shape of the window, your pets, and more when choosing shutter blinds.